XMTrading Forex Rebate Calculator

Our Forex Rebate Calculator will calculate for you the amount of profit you can make in cashback from your trading activity with your broker.


What is XMTrading Forex Rebate Calculator?

Forex Rebates (or Forex Cashback) are the way to go if you wish to optimize your forex profit - it is simply profit you can generate by getting part of the costs associated with your Forex trading account such as commissions and spreads back into your trading or rebate account in the form of cashback.

You can get rebates by connecting your existing trading account with a rebate provider (or opening a new one) which receives rebates and pays back the majority of the rebate back to you, the forex trader.

Example for forex cashback rate:

forex cashback rate

How to use the XMTrading Forex Rebate Calculator?

Simply input the required fields:

  • Deposit Currency - your account's currency which can be AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, or USD

  • Rebate type - the rebate can be calculated by either pips or money values. For example a cashback can be $1 per each traded lot or 1 pip per each trade.

  • Currency pair - the traded currency pair of your choice.

  • Rebate per lot - the rebate value of the type selected above.

  • Lots - how many lots do you usually trade. This depends which timeframe are you looking to calculate; if you wish to calculate monthly rebate then provide the total monthly volume in lots, in case of weekly rebate provide the total weekly volume in lots and so on.

What is the best XMTrading Forex Rebate Provider?

There are many Forex rebate providers however we recommend using our cashback service, loved by millions of traders.

Decided to open a Forex Cashback account? That's great. Here is the cashback offered with XMTrading:
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