Forex Calculators

Forex Calculators are very useful to determine your lot size, margin or levels (such as Fibonacci or pivot) and more. Values are calculated with current currency prices and in real-time.

Lot Size Calculator

Our Forex Lot size calculator will calculate the required trade size using your currency pair, risk level (represented in money or percentage) and stop loss.

Pip Calculator

Our Forex Pip calculator will calculate the different pip values of 3 account types - standard, mini and micro, all according to your lot size.

Margin Calculator

Our Forex Margin calculator will calculate the margin required to open a trade based on the account's currency, the traded currency, leverage and trade size.

Fibonacci Calculator

Our Forex Fibonacci calculator will calculate Fibonacci levels (retracements and extensions) using high low and custom values. The result will be available in retracement levels (23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, 76.4%, 100%, 138.2%) and extensions levels (261.8%, 200%, 161.8%, 138.2%, 100%, 61.8%).

Pivot Point Calculator

Our Forex Pivot calculator will calculate the different pivot points types: Camarilla Pivot Points , Woodie's Pivot Points, Floor Pivot Points, , and DeMark's Pivot Points. For each Pivot Point type 4 levels of support and resistance are calculated using a OHLC (open, high, low, close, where open price is used only for DeMark's Pivot Points).

Rebate Calculator

Our Forex Rebate calculator will give you an immediate result on the amount of rebate you can earn based on your account's deposit currency, rebate level, traded currency pair and trading volume (lots).